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Statement From Oliver Daniels, Insight CEO

 Statement from Oliver Daniels, CEO, Insight Centre for Data Analytics

 The Insight Centre for Data Analytics Research Centre was created in July 2013 by five research centres across four co-lead   institutions (DCU, NUIG, UCC and UCD), and four other partners (TCD, MU, RAI, and Tyndall). It received €40m from Science  Foundation Ireland (SFI) for a six year period from July 2013 to June 2019.

 I was honoured to be appointed CEO of Insight in October 2014 to lead Insight’s development. I am extremely proud of our achievements. We united the best talent in data science in Ireland under an international data analytics brand. We are developing next generation talent in this rapidly evolving research area and nurturing a vibrant innovation ecosystem. We secured an additional €40m from indigenous and multinational industrial partners and European Union funding sources.

A reflection of our success was the granting by SFI, following an international peer reviewed competitive process, of a further €50m  for our  ‘Insight 2’ proposal from July 2019 to June 2025.

As we move into this exciting new phase, I have made the decision to pass the leadership role to the next Insight generation. I will be moving on from my position as CEO at the end of June 2019 after five years of rewarding work, of which I am immensely proud. With the Centre now entering a transition period to Insight 2, I feel the time is right.

With excellent research, strong team cohesion, a solid business plan and supported by challenging governance, industry and scientific advisory committees, I leave a sustainable research performing organisation, primed for further success.

Professor Noel O’Connor, Site Director of Insight@DCU, is taking over the role of CEO on an interim basis, whilst the Centre conducts a rigorous international recruitment programme for a new CEO. We are fortunate to have such a talented figure to lead the Centre at this time. Professor O’Connor has both the scientific and leadership experience to oversee a successful and seamless transition to Insight 2.

Working with Insight has been a privilege. Few people get the opportunity to lead such a large, diverse and talented team.  I’d like to thank each and every Insight member for their valuable contribution. Now, with SFI’s seal of approval for the next ambitious phase of this project, the years ahead look very bright for Insight and for data research in Ireland.

Oliver Daniels