Science of Running Insight Symposium, 3 Sept 2022 @UCD

Submitted on Wednesday, 24/08/2022

The Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics is holding a free Science of Running Symposium in UCD on the 3rd of September which aims to bring the latest science findings to the running public and to researchers in the field. Minister of State for Sport, the Gaeltacht and Defence, Jack Chambers TD will open the event on the day.

Insight has distilled its world class running research into a series of practical talks and presentations about the latest science in terms of injury prevention, performance improvement and training practice. There will also insights for the scientific community on the interface between data analysis/machine learning and human performance/injury risk. The symposium is free of charge but attendees are asked to make a voluntary contribution in aid of the Jerry Kiernan Foundation.

Professor Brian Caulfield, Director of Insight at UCD said; ‘Here at Insight we have developed a hub of world class expertise on the science of running. Data analytics has illuminated so much about what constitutes best practice in running, and we are proud to be able to bring some of these findings to the scientific community and the running public. We are also delighted to be supporting the Jerry Kiernan Foundation in its important mission’.

This live event will also be accessible online. Professor of Computer Science Barry Smyth will lead out the event with a talk on the application of machine learning and big data to recreational running.

Attendees will also hear speakers such as Dr Garett Coughlan talking about injury prevention strategies and dietician Evan Lynch will talk about common mistakes athletes make when it comes to nutrition.

For marathon runners, Aonghus Lawlor will talk about hitting the wall and what we can learn, while Alison Keogh will talk about the best marathon training strategies. Aisling Lacey will provide insights from research with the Irish running community and Professor Kieran Moran will look at biomechanical factors in running injury.

Registration for the event, which can be attended in person or virtually, is essential.

There is no fee for the event but voluntary contributions to the Jerry Kiernan Foundation would be greatly welcomed. Donations can be made through the Foundation’s website