Results from the third Corona Citizens’ Science Survey released

Submitted on Tuesday, 23/06/2020

The latest findings from the population wide survey, the Corona Citizens’ Science Study has found that 8 out of 10 people (84%) would consider installing a contact tracing app if it contributed to an easing of restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the virus.

The findings are from phase three of the Corona Citizens’ Science Study*, a population-wide survey conducted by research teams at Insight, NUI Galway and Dublin City University, looking at the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated restrictive measures (lock down, social distancing) on daily life in Ireland.

Over 8,700 people took part in the survey which was conducted on May 6th for a period of 24 hours.

72% of respondents reported a good understanding of the measures announced by the government in regards to the phased re-opening of the country.

However, a little over half were fully clear on the guidance in relation to returning to work and the reopening of businesses.

Over 60% of respondents reported that they were feeling more anxious since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, with the vast majority worried about catching the virus or a family member catching the virus (78%) while nearly 40% were worried about other health problems and around 30% of respondents about the relaxation of restrictions and their finances.

It also found that females and younger people were feeling more anxious and ill at ease, in contrast to older respondents. You can read more about it in The Irish Times here: