Insight in data partnership with AI eScooter fleet for Dublin

Submitted on Thursday, 15/04/2021

Thirty artificial intelligence equipped e-scooters are being rolled out for use by Dublin City University (DCU) staff and campus companies, as part of a research pilot project.

The project will run for six months and aims to improve e-scooter safety for both riders and pedestrians.

As the Government has yet to legalise e-scooters on our roads, the trial will take place on DCU campuses only until such a time.

Four organisations are involved in the project – Europe’s largest e-scooter operator Tier, Irish micromobility tech platform Luna, the Insight SFI Research Centre For Data Analytics and Smart DCU.

Tier and Luna will provide the fleet of computer vision-enabled scooters, allowing DCU-based Insight researchers to explore the data.

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