graphic of lung x-ray

CLARIFY: Life-saving machine learning model project concludes at University of Galway

Submitted on Wednesday, 21/06/2023

CLARIFY, which concludes this June 2023, is a H2020 project led by Dr. Vit Novacek that delved into AI-based models for predicting long-term toxicities of cancer treatments.  The team at University of Galway; together with researchers from University College London, Accenture Labs Dublin and University College Dublin; developed a suite of explainable machine learning models for predicting the risk of lung cancer relapse. This can be used for an unprecedented level of personalisation of the follow-up oncological care, potentially saving lives by early, machine-aided identification and treatment of high-risk patients before the relapsed disease fully develops. The method was tested on a cohort of over 1,300 real patient cases and achieved competitive results that are now being implemented in clinical settings by the CLARIFY project coordinator, University Hospital of Majadajonda, Madrid. The European Commission’s Innovation Radar, an initiative to identify high potential innovations in R&I projects and their specific needs to “go to market”, has selected the CLARIFY Platform as an excellent innovation.

‘[Our research can have an] immediate and tangible impact on the quality of life of cancer patients due to targeted screening for possible complications and more timely prevention of those risks. And then there is yet another, cultural dimension to CLARIFY – it is a perfect vehicle for bridging the gap between the clinicians and computer scientists who have much to offer to each other, but still seldom truly work together on addressing important challenges in oncology and beyond.’ Dr. Vit Novacek, CLARIFY WP leader

CLARIFY Team: Dr. Vit Novacek, Dr. Mohan Timilsina, Samuele Buosi, Dr. Luca Costabello, Adriana Janik, Dr. Pasquale Minervini, Dr. Sameh Mohamed, Brian Wall