Insight Masterclass series – Dealing privacy threats that can arise in Big Data analytics

Submitted on Tuesday, 23/06/2020

Insight’s second online masterclass is taking place on June 8th 2020 from 2pm to 3.30pm and will be given by Professor Tahar Kechadi.

We collect huge amounts of data from large variety of sources. With the help of data analytics techniques and tools, we can process and analyse this data to gain some insights and support decision making.

However data analytics is prone to privacy violations. Moreover, these large datasets may include sensitive information, such as person specific private and sensitive data; gender, zip code, disease, caste, shopping cart, religion etc. If this data is released to third party data scientist/analyst to analyse it, they may extract valuable knowledge, but lead inference attacks and violate the privacy of individuals.

Therefore, although data analytics is useful in decision making, it may lead to serious privacy concerns. Hence privacy preserving data analytics became very important. In this webinar, we examine various privacy threats, privacy preservation techniques and models with their limitations, also present a case study about how to deal with insider threats using privacy-preserving analytics.

Professor Tahar Kechadi works across several areas of analytics and computer science including: Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Big Data, Digital Forensics, Cybercrime investigation, Distributed systems. He is widely published (350+ publications) and is editor: of “Journal on Knowledge and Data Engineering” and “Future Generation of Computer Systems”. He is a Visiting Professor at Fuzhou University, China.