Insight Industry: Ireland ‘a very special place to be’ when it comes to emerging tech

Submitted on Friday, 01/07/2022

Insight features in an article about Ireland and emerging technologies in The Irish Times today. In the article, Kieran Towey, applied intelligence lead with KPMG, namechecks Insight when talking about the attraction of emerging tech, especially elements such as AI, having the biggest impact on data, using cognitive automation to remove manual labour.

“In sectors such as manufacturing, the impact of emerging tech is very powerful when replacing the human senses with computer senses — monitoring the environment and possible changes well before humans might become aware.”

Towey feels the Irish Government has done a lot to really encourage a strong workforce which feeds local and FDI companies.

“From Enterprise Ireland, the Science Foundation of Ireland, Ireland’s Machine Learning Labs and Ireland’s Insight Centre [Europe’s largest data analytics research organisation] we are producing highly educated, highly specialised individuals to complete the work needed in emerging tech,” he says.
You can read the full article here.