Prof Alan Smeaton standing in fron of a whiteboard beside a brainwave sensor

Improved sleep and nutrition among latest FLOURISH results from DCU

Submitted on Tuesday, 24/05/2022

Improved sleep, nutrition and understanding of their personal health and fitness data were among the positive outcomes and findings on the FLOURISH module in Dublin City University.

Led by Prof Alan Smeaton from the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, FLOURISH is a module for second year students in DCU that is aimed at helping them better understand their own personal health and fitness data and how it can provide insight and guidance to improve their overall health.

The programme delivers practical tips to students for everyday wellness and also aids in improving students’ digital literacy, specifically the awareness of personal health and fitness data and its potential for developing healthier habits.

Students were given a Fitbit Versa 3 to support them throughout this health and wellness journey, providing the guidance and insights to reach their goals. Students used their Fitbits to see how changes they made to their own lifestyles; exercise, sleep, diet, were reflected in their own personal data and how even small changes impacted their overall wellness.

Dr Conor Heneghan, Director of Research Algorithms at Fitbit, gave a guest lecture as part of the FLOURISH programme on the importance of sleep. Read on