Professor Edward Curry

Ed Curry co-authors open access book on Big Data Value applications

Submitted on Wednesday, 31/08/2022

Prof Ed Curry, Director of Insight at NUI Galway, has co authored a book on Big Data Value technologies and applications. This book aims to educate the reader on how recent advances in technologies, methods and processes for big data and data-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) can deliver value to address problems in real-world applications. The book explores
cutting-edge solutions and best practices for big data and data-driven AI and applications for the data-driven economy. It provides the reader with a basis for understanding how technical issues can be overcome to offer real-world solutions to major industrial areas, including health, energy, transport, finance, manufacturing and public administration.
The book’s contributions emanate from the Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership (BDV PPP) and the Big Data Value Association, which have acted as the European data community’s nucleus to bring together businesses with leading researchers to harness the value of data to benefit society, business, science, and industry.
It explores cutting-edge solutions and best practices for big data and data-driven AI applications for the data-driven economy, It provides an overview of technologies and methods that enable data value chains and can be applied in any sector.
The book also details experience reports and lessons from using big data and data-driven approaches in processes and applications from key application domains including health, law, finance, retail, manufacturing, mobility, transport and smart cities.
This book is open access, read it here