Insight’s Eoin Delaney shortlisted for Young AI Role Model at the AI Ireland awards

Submitted on Friday, 18/11/2022

Congratulations to Insight PhD student Eoin Delaney who has been shortlisted for the Young AI Role Model award at the AI Ireland Awards 2022.
Delaney is based in Insight at UCD . He works in Insight and the VistaMilk SFI research centre.

His main research interests are in explainable AI (XAI). He is especially interested in counterfactual explanations, case-based reasoning and the role of uncertainty in XAI. More generally, he enjoys machine learning, deep learning and time series prediction. He has published his research in a diverse set of conferences and workshops including IJCAI and ICML. He has also won two best paper awards.

His background is in mathematics and physics and he is passionate about promoting computer science and mathematics to all people of all ages! He co-designed a website for children containing lessons about various cool topics including cryptography and probability.

The AI Ireland award recognizes the next batch of AI leaders and recognizes young people in the early stage of their career or research with an outstanding contribution in working on AI research, product or practice.

Delaney is also nominated in the Best Application of AI in a Student Project. You can read more about the awards here.