Professor Edward Curry

Prof Ed Curry elected to board of AI, Data, Robotics Association (ADRA)

Submitted on Tuesday, 14/03/2023

Prof. Edward Curry, Director, Insight SFI Research Centre, University of Galway has been appointed to the new Board of Directors of ADRA (AI, Data, Robotics Association) in the General Assembly election. In a public-private partnership with the European Commission, ADRA drives innovation and acceptance of new technologies covering the three areas of Robotics, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence (ADR).

The partnership on AI, data, and robotics is mobilising the ecosystem in Europe to provide strong leadership in these areas, both in science, innovation, and deployment. It is create dialogues that address fundamental issues around deployment and citizen trust in AI. It is enabling a rich AI, data, and robotics innovation ecosystem built on Europe’s many strong components, from its strong academic excellence, strong skills pipeline, and global companies to its innovation-driving regulation and standards coupled with best practices.

The board of directors includes representatives from ABB, MarineTraffic, IKEA, Tecnalia, CEA, TNO, and Imec.