Video: Dr Begüm Genç tells her science story

Submitted on Tuesday, 05/04/2022

Dr Begüm Genç is a post-doctoral researcher working in the research group led by Prof. Barry O’Sullivan in Insight@UCC. She is also lecturing part-time. She recently made this video for the Global Young Scientists Summit 2022. The goal was to prepare a 2-minute video that tells “My Science Story”. She chose to talk about the problems that she is working on and why she wants to work in this area.

Genç is an advocate for inclusive in AI, an active member of many non-profit organisations supporting this cause, and ambassador of the Ireland branch of Women in AI.
She contributes to various H2020 EU funded projects including BRAINE, HumaneAI-Net, and StairwAI by serving as ethics advisor or developing responsible AI algorithms. Her research interests span discrete optimisation, stable matching problems, constraint satisfaction, and responsible algorithm design with a focus on explanation, fairness and robustness notions.