Insight, DCU and Bentley Systems to Create Ireland’s First Higher Education Digital Campus

Submitted on Thursday, 10/06/2021

Insight and DCU have announced an exciting new research partnership with global software engineering firm Bentley Systems to build Ireland’s first higher education digital campus. The collaboration will involve the creation of a digital twin, which will be a complete 3D version of DCU’s campuses and a part of the Smart DCU Project.

It will incorporate real-time data, gathered from IoT sensors (Internet of Things) on footfall, congestion points, energy and water usage and other important data that can inform planning and infrastructural development. In addition, the information gathered will also help to inform and enhance the student experience at DCU.

Speaking about the announcement the President of DCU Professor Daire Keogh said: “This collaboration is an excellent example of the transformative potential of the digital research being conducted at DCU, and Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics. As part of the Smart DCU initiative, the digital twin model will help us to advance our vision for creating more sustainable and people-centred campuses. Ultimately, this innovation will improve the DCU student experience and enhance the workplace for university staff.”

Digital twins are an exciting new concept that brings together multidisciplinary teams to enable users to visualise the infrastructure, track changes and make changes to improve performance. The project will leverage the considerable expertise of the Insight Centre at DCU to generate valuable insights that have never been seen before.

Phase one of the partnership will involve the creation of a digital twin of the Glasnevin campus. You can read more about it all here.