Insight welcomes ASU students as part of International Research Experiences for Students programme

Submitted on Friday, 03/06/2022

Insight and Biodesign Europe today welcomed six undergraduate and graduate research students from Arizona State University (ASU) to DCU. These students are part of DCU’s International Research Experiences for Students (IRES) collaboration with the SenSIP Centre at ASU, funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF). This is the first year of this collaboration which will last for 4 years. The students will work on projects co-supervised between academics in ASU and DCU in the areas of sensors for hemochromatosis, machine learning for activity detection and machine learning or medical imaging applications. Prof. Noel O’Connor CEO, Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics said, “I am delighted to welcome these talented ASU researchers to the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics at DCU. Whilst here the researchers will be exposed to our world class research in data analytics, machine learning and AI helping broaden their education whilst further strengthening the excellent research links we have with ASU.” Prof. Nicholas Dunne, Professor of Biomaterials Engineering at DCU said, “The IRES program between ASU SenSIP, SFI Insight and Biodesign Europe signifies an important and exciting global initiative for research students in advancing synergistic sensor and machine learning algorithm design to improve precision in mobile health and wearables. By combining our research expertise, global networks and geographical context of ASU and DCU, we will provide students with an unrivalled international research experience and a unique opportunity to develop critical crosscutting skills within this interdisciplinary research program that will empower students to influence future scientific innovation and in time deliver global impact.” NSF IRES ASU/DCU: Sensor Information Processing and Machine Learning for Wearable Devices project information is available here: The project is funded through the NSF-IRES programme:

Pictured L-R: Back row, Ms. Gretchen Buhlig, Prof Nicholas Dunne, Prof Stephen Daniels, Dr Margaret McCaul, Prof. Daire Keogh, Mr. Patrick McDermott, Prof Noel O’Connor
Front row, Movinya Gunatilaka, Grace Billingsley, Amber Mayers, Emily Montoya, Ngan Anh Nguyen, Dr Suzanne Little, Ms. Virginia DeSanto, Cameron McConnell, Dr Stephen Behan