READ: Using data to improve the e-scooter experience for everyone – Dr Suzanne Little in Intelligent Transport

Submitted on Monday, 18/10/2021

Dr Suzanne Little has written an article for international smart transport site You can read the piece here.
Dr Little was approached to write the piece on foot of an artificial intelligence-powered e-scooter research pilot that is currently underway at Dublin City University (DCU). The pilot aims to set the bar for e-scooter safety standards in Ireland. In the article Dr Little discusses the trial and its objectives. She talks about the importance of gaining as complete a picture as possible when aiming to integrate e-scooters with existing infrastructure.
She says, “The gathering and analysis of data on routes and rider behaviour allows a holistic and wide angled view of how the scooters will be used that can inform users, developers, operators and local government.”