Prof Tomas Ward

Navigating Data-Driven Futures – A Call for Collaboration

Submitted on Tuesday, 21/11/2023

The data-driven revolution continues to shape the future of industries across the globe, and at the forefront of this transformation stands the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics. On November 15, 2023, Insight at Dublin City University was delighted to host an exclusive industry-focused event, Navigating Data-Driven Futures, at The Helix, DCU. The event brought together a myriad of professionals, thought leaders, and industry decision-makers to explore the ever-evolving landscape of data science and artificial intelligence.

This event offered attendees the unique opportunity to gain fresh perspectives on data-driven decision-making from experts and leaders in this field. The day was filled with engaging panel discussions, covering such crucial topics as: Profiting from Your Data, Responsible AI and Data Privacy & Security. These discussions provided invaluable cutting edge perspectives for attendees, enabling them to navigate the data-driven future with confidence.

 Profiting From Your Data panel member Dr Alessandra Mileo, Insight PI, DCU said;

 “There are many factors affecting business profiting from their data but often organisations don’t even know what data they have”

Navigating Data-Driven Futures was an ideal platform for attendees to connect with professionals, leaders, and industry decision-makers who share their passion for leveraging data science and AI. The event featured many Insight members, a group of leading data scientists and AI experts, who were readily available to answer questions and discuss tailored solutions for various business challenges. Insight’s mission is to foster collaboration and drive innovation, and this event lived up to that vision.

The data science landscape is in a constant state of evolution. To keep your organisation at the forefront of innovation, it’s crucial to stay updated on the latest trends, techniques, and tools. Navigating Data-Driven Futures provided attendees with the knowledge and resources necessary to harness the power of data and AI effectively.

Prof Tomás Ward, Centre Director, Insight DCU:

“In the era of data, where insights drive innovation and progress, events like Navigating Data-Driven Futures are paramount. Together, we’re shaping a future that harnesses the power of data and artificial intelligence for the betterment of society and industry.”

The Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics at DCU extends its gratitude to everyone who contributed to the event’s success. It’s through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the pursuit of innovation that we can collectively navigate the data-driven future.

Stay tuned for more updates from Insight as we continue our journey in the ever-evolving world of data analytics and artificial intelligence.

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