Insight Industry: Output Sports launches V2 product for wider compatibility

Submitted on Friday, 19/08/2022

Insight SpinOut Releases Product with Wider Compatibility – IOS and Android

Output Sports, a company aiming to make elite sports science simple and
scalable, recently announced the launch of its V2 system – upgrading the system’s compatibility
to both IOS and Android. After launching the company in 2020, following years of hands-on
academic research, Output is excited by the capabilities this new system will bring particularly
as they aim to integrate into the sports community on a more global scale.

Of the company’s recent launch, Output CEO Martin O’Reilly said, “At Output our mission is to
make elite sports-science simple and scalable. Behind the scenes, for the past few years,
we have been working hard on the V2 platform to make testing and monitoring even more
simple and scalable for athletes and coaches at all sporting levels. The V2 system brings
iOS compatibility, a completely new UX for the capture app (co-designed with the help of
our community of coaches and advisory board), and state of the art electronics (e.g. USB-C
charging from empty to full in under an hour) to the Output community. We can’t wait to
share this update with practitioners around the world and have many exciting
announcements coming over the next few weeks.”

Leading up to the launch of V2, the team at Output planned and executed the following tactics:
– Putting into production a new, state of the art, IMU (inertial measurement unit) designed
by the Output team.
– With the recognition that IOS is a popular operating system, we created a brand new
interface and user-experience, compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems.

About Output Sports: Output Sports is a sports tech company based in Dublin, Ireland.
Launched in 2020, Output aims at making elite sports science simple and scalable through an
integrated system including an IMU (inertial measurement unit), Capture App, as well as a
desktop HUB. The technology is used by sports practitioners across 30+ sports, 26+ countries,
pro-sports, universities, schools, gyms and clinics.
For more information and to set up a free demo of V2, visit