Launching Insight’s Online Masterclasses

Submitted on Tuesday, 23/06/2020

Insight is launching a series of online masterclasses starting Monday the 25th of May.

The title of the first webinar will be Sensing and data analytics in health and sport

Wearable and ambient sensors that sense human activity have become a part of our everyday lives, particularly with regard to applications in sport and recreation, wellness and healthcare. In order to extract valuable and actionable knowledge that allow people to improve their quality of life and performance, requires the accurate capturing, fusion, processing and analysis (through machine learning and artificial intelligence) of sensed data in unconstrained conditions, with a deep understanding of how people control movement, what constitutes ‘ideal’ movement and how movement behaviour can be optimally changed (through information and biofeedback).

Key to the appropriate collection and interpretation of data is a deep understanding of the application areas, from sport to the health of older individuals. Within this talk we will take examples of (i) identifying and reducing running related injuries, (ii) remote rehabilitation from cardiovascular disease, and (iii) remote monitoring of older people to facilitate functional independence, to demonstrate our breadth of application areas.

Speakers & Topics

Prof. Kieran Moran

– Overview and home and sensor based systems for remote rehabilitation from cardiovascular disease

– ‘Sensing and data analytics in health and sport related to physical activity’

Dr Shane Gore

– ‘Identifying and reducing running related injuries’

Dr Emma Heffernan

– Home monitoring system to facilitate functional independence’

Q/A from Webinar participants

Tune in on May 25th from 14:00 – 15:30

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