Dr Guido Giunti

NeuroInsight Fellow Nominated for Global Patient Innovator Award

Submitted on Thursday, 02/11/2023

Dr. Guido Giunti, NeuroInsight Fellow and Digital Therapeutic Lead at Trinity College Dublin, has been nominated for the Global Patient Innovator Award, part of the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Changemaker in Health Awards program 2024.  These awards celebrate inspirational and innovative healthcare leaders for their relentless pursuit to improve care by harnessing the power of information and technology.

Guido’s work combines medicine, participatory design and technology to raise the voices of people with chronic conditions and make them active participants in the design and development of digital health solutions. He frequently works with patient associations such as MS Ireland and others around the world to co-create solutions that matter.

The winners are selected by public vote and voting is open from 2nd – 28th November 2023. So please support Guido by casting your VOTE

Dr. Giunti’s innovative work is part of the Marie Sklodowska Curie COFUND NeuroInsight postdoctoral Fellowships, which is a collaboration between two of the world leading SFI Research Centres, FutureNeuro and Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics under the supervision of Prof. Colin Doherty from TCD and FutureNeuro and Prof. Tomas Ward from Insight at DCU.