Alan Smeaton, Tomas Ward and Barry O'Sullivan

News: Prof Alan Smeaton, Prof Tomás Ward and Prof Barry O’Sullivan discuss AI and society on RTE and national media

Submitted on Wednesday, 03/05/2023

Professor Barry O’Sullivan was a chief contributor to a RTE’s Prime Time special report on AI.

Prof Alan Smeaton talked to RTE Radio 1 about the Irish Times ‘fake tan’ article.

Prof Alan Smeaton was interviewed on RTE’s Six One News about the challenges of AI in politics and society. He also highlighted the internet search business and a potential arms race between Microsoft and Google in that space.

Prof Smeaton, Prof Tomás Ward and Prof Barry O’Sullivan featured in an Irish Independent article last Sunday about the potential and the potential challenges of AI and Chat GPT.

Prof O’Sullivan was also interviewed by the Sunday Business Post about AI in society for two articles: Cleaning up: What would a world with AI-powered home robots look like? and Faking it: How AI could be used to fool us all.