Peter Redmond with robot

Insight’s Peter Redmond brings Robo Riots to Dublin

Submitted on Wednesday, 27/09/2023

Insight’s Peter Redmond is bringing Robo Riots, a live robot combat event,  to Dublin on October 7th & 8th. This interactive family show is fuelled by the adrenaline rush as legendary machines like Thor, Diotoir, Ripper, and KingB lock horns in a spectacular display across four exhilarating shows at the National Basketball Arena. For over two decades, Robo Riots have been delivering fan favourite robot battle shows in Dublin.

Robo Riots is organised by the acclaimed Robot Wars Irish team, the masterminds behind the iconic combat robot Diotoir, with the brilliant Irish Roboticist Peter Redmond of the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics at the helm. Reflecting on the essence of the event, Redmond commented: “Robot battling is more than a spectacle; it is the sport of the future, encapsulating mad science, gladiatorial combat, brilliant garage inventors, and cutting-edge machinery.”

Tickets and Show Details:

Tickets are available from, priced from 20 euros plus fees.

  • Saturday, 7th October: 12 pm and 4 pm
  • Sunday, 8th October: 12 pm and 4 pm
  • Show Duration: Approximately 2 hours each

Book your tickets now and ensure your place in an event where engineering and entertainment come together for a thrilling display of battling robots.

Editorial Notes:

Insight’s Peter Redmond, a central figure in the Robot Wars series and the inventor of the Guinness World Record-holding Rubik’s cube-solving robot RuBot II, is renowned for his contributions to special effects in TV and Film, including works like Top Gear, Vikings and Good Omens, through his Dublin-based company Mechatrons, which has been innovating in the field of robotic entertainment and education globally for over two decades. He is known for his work as a ‘Fixer’ on RTE’s documentary Big Life Fix where he and a team harness the power of science and technology to create tailor-made inventions for individuals and families with extraordinary challenges.