Artificial Idiocy

Exhibition: Artificial Idiocy! Artificial Intelligence & US

Submitted on Monday, 06/11/2023

Sponsored by the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, a cartoon exhibition Artificial Idiocy! formed part of the Galway Science & Technology Festival Exhibition and took place onĀ  Sunday November 12th at the University of Galway.

Tuam-born engineer and social philosopher Michael Cooley, founder of the journal AI & Society, coined the term “human-centred systems”. He foresaw Artificial Intelligence as a tool that extended our will, enabling us to create and achieve more human-oriented, socially useful goals. It was a beautiful vision of the future.

But what are our expectations and perceptions of Artificial Intelligence today? Galway-based artist Margaret Nolan asked cartoonists from all around the world to express what AI meant to them. Many feelings emerged, with fear and mistrust featuring prominently. But also, perhaps surprisingly, there is considerable sympathy. Machines are, it seems, on the cusp of becoming human. The question cartoonists asked back is whether they are to be envied or pitied.

The exhibition was also complimented on the day by a cartoon workshop for 9-12 year children mentored by Margaret Nolan and Richard Chapman. For full details see the Galway Science & Technology Festival.