AI for All

AI for All: Demystifying the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Submitted on Friday, 10/11/2023

This fascinating evening event, which explored a variety of applications of Artificial Intelligence aiming to demystifying some of the power and potential of AI, took place on Thursday 16 November 2023 in the O’Donoghue Theatre, University of Galway.

There was a pre-event AR/VR Interactive Experience in the lobby for early arrivals and a full programme of  thought provoking speakers. Professor Edward Curry, Director, Insight at University of Galway opened this fascinating event with a scene setting talk on “AI 101: Why all the Hype?” Dr James McDermott, School of Computer Science, University of Galway, discussed Generative AI and it’s musical application. He was followed by Dr Niamh Hynes, Galway Clinic who talked about the potential of AI to empower cardiovascular imaging diagnostics and Enhance Patient Care. Dr. Heike Felzmann, School of Humanities, University of Galway, focused on responsibility and creativity and the unpredictable impact of AI on society and the final speaker was Mr. Rory Ward, who showcased some of the advancements automatic video colourisation.