Peter Redmond with robot

Peter Redmond on RTÉ’S ‘Big Life Fix’

Submitted on Monday, 11/03/2024

Insight’s Peter Redmond is one of RTÉ’s ‘Big Fixers’ as part of the Big Life Fix challenge currently airing on Wednesdays on RTE 1. Big Life Fix challenges a group of leading designers, engineers, computer programmers and technology experts to create inventions that will transform people’s lives. Filmed over the course of a full year, the group uses cutting edge science and technology to build practical solutions for those who need their help. The team harnesses the power of science to create tailor-made inventions for individuals and families. Between them, they can build everything from space satellites to life saving medical devices and military hardware.

Made with the support of Science Foundation Ireland, this RTÉ One series marries real problems and human drama with science, proving that with a little bit of ingenuity – nothing is impossible.