Ed Curry

The Elements of Dig Data Value – new book edited by Insight’s Dr Ed Curry out now

Submitted on Monday, 20/09/2021

Insight’s Dr Ed Curry has co-edited a fascinating new book, The Elements of Big Data Value. This open access book presents the foundations of the Big Data research and innovation ecosystem and the associated enablers that facilitate delivering value from data for business and society. It provides insights into the key elements for research and innovation, technical architectures, business models, skills, and best practices to support the creation of data-driven solutions and organizations. The book is a compilation of selected high-quality chapters covering best practices, technologies, experiences, and practical recommendations on research and innovation for big data.

The book has forewords by Peter K├Ârte, CTO of Siemens, Noel O’Connor, CEO of Insight, and Yvo Volman European Commission Director General for communications networks, content and technology.

In his preface to the book, Dr Curry writes, “With its origins tracing back over 200 years, the periodic table has been disputed, altered and improved as science has progressed, and new elements have been discovered. Today it is a vital tool for modern chemists and hangs on the wall of almost every classroom and lecture hall in the world. As society learns how to leverage and derive more value from data, we expect the elements of big data value to be challenged and to evolve as new elements are discovered. Just as the originators of the periodic table left room for new elements, The Periodic Table of the Elements of Big Data Value is open, and we invite you to be part of the evolution of this collective endeavour to explore, understand and extract value from the data resources of the Information Age.”

You can access the The Elements of Dig Data Valuebook here.