Professor Tomas Ward

Brain-computer interfaces: Barrier between mind and IT is disappearing – Prof Tomás Ward talks to The Irish Times

Submitted on Friday, 20/01/2023

Director of Insight at DCU Professor Tomás Ward, spoke to Seán Duke for an article The Irish Times about brain computer interfaces (BCIs). Ward develops BCIs in his lab with the aim of enhancing and restoring human cognitive abilities.

In the article, Ward says, “By cognition we mean aspects of thinking relating to paying attention, staying focused – and concentration,” he says. “Our [study] participants interact in virtual worlds and we are seeking to monitor how they pay attention and engage in these worlds.”

The use of BCIs to monitor and improve measures of “mental fitness” is similar to how many of us seek to improve our physical fitness by wearing fitness trackers that provide feedback data on the number of steps taken, and calories that were burned according to Ward.

You can read the full article here.