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RTE reports on the Enigma Project in Insight@NUI Galway

The highly-acclaimed Enigma Project brings mathematics to life through the fascinating history of codes and code breaking. It brings participants on a journey from ancient times to World War Two and on to today’s world of hacking and internet encryption. This exciting project came to Insight@NUI Galway as part of the 2018 Galway Science Technology Festival, which ran from 11-25 November. 


The British mathematician Dr James Grime hosted a series of special events and talks which included a demonstration of an authentic WWII Enigma machine. He also shared stories of its associations with Bletchley Park and the British mathematician and, father of computing, Alan Turing.


RTE came to Insight@NUI Galway to learn about the project on Wednesday the 21st of November. You can watch the piece on RTE’s Six One News here and listen to the segment on Morning Ireland here.