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The importance of sci-fi thinking in technology and Why AI will not outsmart us. Read Mathieu D'Aquin and Alan Smeaton on RTE's Brainstorm

Insight researchers are quickly becoming regulars on the RTE platform Brainstorm. Brainstorm provides a forum for academic experts to work with an editor in order to publish an opinion column that will enlighten the general public.

Insight@NUI Galway director Mathieu D'Aquin wrote an excellent piece about the importance for data and AI researchers to engage with the possibilities of their work. He argues that researchers need to imagine how their work might be used or exploited in an attempt to pre-emt problems in the future. It's a fascinating idea and you can read the piece here

Meanwhile, Insight@DCU's Alan Smeaton, who is becoming something of a Brainstorm regular published a piece arguing that AI will not outsmart us. You can read that one here.