Insight International Women's Day 2023 headshots of female researchers

Insight Diversity: International Women’s Day March 8th

Submitted on Tuesday, 07/03/2023

At Insight we make an effort to highlight the diversity of our researchers and their work all year round. This year to mark International Women’s Day in a meaningful way we want to learn directly from our female researchers and their experiences.

Rather than simply highlighting the work being done by Insight’s female researchers, it was felt that Insight could take this opportunity to learn, share and explore from their experiences. With this in mind, we devised a list of questions exploring this and put out a call to Insight’s female researchers, asking that anyone who wished to participate would answer at least one question.

The response was fantastic and contributions were unfailingly thoughtful and generous. Answers came in offering insights and perspectives – their stories were published on the Insight website over the course of the month of March.

Many thanks due to Andrea Clarke, Research Communications Officer, Insight DCU and all of the people who took time to answer a question. Links to each of the stories below.

Insight Diversity: “Work hard, know the detail, be strategic, ” Dr Susan Leavy on her career in research

Insight Diversity: Dr Hamda Ajmal on imposter syndrome and opportunities to increase diversity

Insight Diversity: Khadija Iddrisu on her start in research and how to encourage diversity in science and technology

Insight Diversity: Emma Govan on her path to her PhD

Insight Diversity: Dr Alessandra Mileo, “Plan. Plan well. Plan alternatives and back up options.”

Insight Diversity: Dr Sheelagh Brady on her career path and advice or other researchers

Insight Diversity: Dr Lan Yang on passion and ambition in a research career

Insight Diversity: Iuliia Promskaia on her journey from Siberia to Insight

Insight Diversity: Maram Mohamed on Machine Learning and a career in research

Insight Diversity: Cécile Robin on having the confidence to share your ideas

Insight Diversity: Asma Slaimi on how she got her start in research

Insight Diversity: Sweta Malik on the advice she would give someone at the start of a career in research

Insight Diversity: Dr Georgiana Ifrim on balancing parenthood and research

Insight Diversity: Deirdre Byrne on the importance of getting the STEM message out early

Insight Diversity: Dr Julia Dietlmeier on her start in research

Insight Diversity: Professor Claire Gormley on improving diversity in STEM

Insight Diversity: “We need to be louder with our stories”

Insight Diversity: Sampritha Hassan Manjunath on the importance of the real world and role models in research