Maram Mohamed

Insight Diversity: Maram Mohamed on Machine Learning and a career in research

Submitted on Monday, 20/03/2023

Maram A. Mohamed is a PhD researcher at Insight in DCU. Her area of expertise is Machine Learning, specifically computer vision. She writes:

Having a career in research broadens your mind. I like that it is always diverse, as I don’t like to be stuck with long term routine. A research career is always changing and always up to date so you will never feel bored. Research is about inspiration so I love to inspire and be inspired!

I started my Machine Learning journey with my first Masters in China. My supervisor motivated me to work in this area and I found it interesting. I started work on a project for hearing impaired people using sign language dataset. This inspired me to continue to apply machine learning techniques to solve world problems and make life easier for some. Another intensive Masters, specialised in Machine Learning at African Masters of Machine Intelligence, has sharpened my knowledge followed by doing a short term research last summer at EPFL before starting my PhD With Insight.

My advice for women who are starting in Machine Learning, or any area of research, is just to be patient, to learn and things will unfold from there.