Group of four women, arm in arm, photographed from behind

Insight Diversity: “We need to be louder with our stories”

Submitted on Thursday, 30/03/2023

Some contributors wished to remain anonymous. This considered response came through from an Insight member.

How do you think the research community can encourage more diversity and inclusion in science and technology?

I think we need to continue what we are doing i.e. encouraging young girls to join the STEM field and showing them real-life examples of ourselves (women in tech) that they can relate to.

We need to be louder with our stories of why we do what we do and what we love about what we do. I wouldn’t have joined the computer science field if someone had not told me about it. Also, seeing a lady (my mentor) a few years ahead of me in university, be top of her class in computer science, was very inspiring.