Alessandra Mileo

Dr. Alessandra Mileo

Principal Investigator

Media Analytics, Semantic Web

Prof. Alessandra Mileo is currently Associate Professor and Principal Investigator at the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University (DCU). Before Joining DCU, she was a Senior Research Fellow, Adjunct Lecturer and Unit Leader at the INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland Galway. She holds an MSC and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Milan, Italy.

Before Joining the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI, NUIG) in 2010, she was a Post-doctoral Researcher at the Nomadis Lab, Dept. of Informatics, Systems and Communication of the University of Milano-bicocca, conducting interdisciplinary research activities involving Ambient Intelligence and Knowledge-driven Sensor Fusion, which converged in the succesful EU project proposal EasyReach, AAL, 2009-2-17.

She continued her active contribution to successful EU proposals within DERI and later INSIGHT, acquiring a competitive EU project in the Smart Cities realm (CityPulse: Real-Time IoT Stream Processing and Large-scale Data Analytics for Smart City Applications) and she has been Principal Investigator for the primary industry collaboration within the Research Centre portfolio (Enabling the Internet of Everything: a Linked Data infrastructure for networking, managing and analyzing streaming information and follow up industry-funded projects).

She has been working for a few years on scalable and interoperable ways of transforming web data streams into actionable knowledge. Research areas around this velocity aspect of Big Data involve Stream Reasoning, Web of Things/Internet of Things, query optimization, expressive and scalable stream reasoning languages and frameworks, hybrid methods for qualitative and quantitative reasoning, and access control for Linked Data. She is also active in collaborating with other research groups within the Center, applying research outcomes in real world applications that have a very high economical and social potential impact. These include health monitoring, smart cities, sustainable IT and smart enterprise. As part of this research activity, she has been involved in standardization activities. Specifically, she is active in the W3C Community Group on RDF Stream Processing, and the Web of Things Interest Group. Within the European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things, she has contributed to the Activity Chain on Cognitive Technologies for IoT (IERC, AC7).

Prof. Mileo is currently Chair of the BSc in Data Science at DCU, and she is heavily involved in supervision at undergrad and postgrad level, having successfully graduated 7 PhD and currently supervising 6 as principal supervisor and 2 as co-supervisor. 

In the last few years, Prof. Mileo has developed a new research programme focused on neural-symbolic computation and knowledge-enhanced Deep Representation Learning. She has secured almost 1 million euros in funding including national (SFI, IRC), international (EU, NSF) and industry-funded projects, publishing 90+ papers often in high impact journals and conferences and being an active PC member of over 20 top-ranked conferences and high-impact journals including the Journal of Web Semantics (JWS), IEEE Intelligent Systems (IEEE IS), Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (TPLP), and she is acting as EU registered expert evaluator (EX2015D232419, EX2013D135794). 

Prof. Mileo has been involved as a Program Chair, Panelist and Doctoral Consortium Mentor and Chair in a number of conferences, workshops and tutorials and she is part of the Editorial Board of the newly established Neurosymbolic AI Journal by IOS press. 

Her current research focus is on Explainable Artificial Intelligence, specifically Neurosymbolic Learning and Reasoning, Graph Analysis, Knowledge Discovery and Decision Making, with applications in clinical diagnostics and health monitoring, and she is a named supervisor for the Neuroinsight Marie-Curie COFUND.

Prof. Mileo is member of the Italian Association for AI (AIIA), AAAI, Association of Logic Programing (ALP) and a Steering Committee member of the Web Reasoning and Rule Systems Association (RRA) since 2015. 

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