Professor Tomas Ward

Prof. Tomas Ward


Media Analytics, Personal Sensing

Tomas Ward is AIB Chair of Data Analytics at the School of Computing, Dublin City University. As a member of the Science Foundation Ireland-funded research centre Insight – Ireland’s Data Analytics research centre, Prof Ward studies how human health, performance and decision-making can be better understood through new ways of sensing and interpreting our physiology and behaviour.  Prior to his position at Dublin City University he was a professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering at Maynooth University and led a research group focussing on neural engineering. Tomas holds B.E. (1994), M.Eng.Sc. (1996) and Ph.D (2000) degrees in engineering from University College Dublin. A Senior Member of the IEEE since 2011, Tomas has authored more than 240 peer-reviewed scientific publications.  He is actively engaged in entrepreneurship and dissemination through commercialisation.  He has licensed a range of technologies to industry since 2009 including sensor streaming technologies for e-health, over the air programming and mobile health applications. His current commercialisation activity is focussed on the development of mobile experience sampling technologies. Tomas is a keen advocate of hacker spaces and is a co-founder of Dublin Maker – the showcase of the maker movement in Ireland.