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Waternomics- ICT for Water Resource Management

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European Union - Framework Programme
Climate change, increased urbanization and increased world population are several of the factors driving global challenges for water management. In fact, the World Economic Forum has cited “The Water Supply Crises” as a major risk to global economic growth and environmental policies in the next 10 years. In parallel, the United Nations has called for intensified international collaboration. To this challenge, WATERNOMICS will develop and introduce ICT as an enabling technology to manage water as a resource, increase end-user conservation awareness and affect behavioural changes, and to avoid waste through leak detection. In saving water, energy will also be conserved (treatment and pumping) as will the CO2 associated with energy production. Unique aspects of WATERNOMICS include personalized feedback about end-user water consumption, the development of a methodology for the design and implementation of systematic and standards-based water resource management systems, new sensor hardware developments to make water metering more economic and easier to install, and the introduction of forecasting and fault detection diagnosis to the analysis of water consumption data. WATERNOMICS will pioneer a new dialogue between water stakeholders. It will enable the introduction of Demand Response principles and open business models through an innovative human centric approach that uses personalized water data, water availability based pricing, and gamification of water usage statistics. To maximize impact, the project highlights business development, exploitation planning, and outcome oriented dissemination.
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The Discovery Economy-Discovery Analytics
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National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)
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