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Wait … is that your demo?


This presentation starts by defining the concept of design and its main elements, and express the relatedness of design with functionality, it will discuss the importance of design in everyday life explaining the essentials of appropriate working design. I will start by showing some examples around us that aren't appropriate for users, and how people are still using them and nobody asked about developing them. Moreover, I will show how design affects the viewer's mood and feelings, and how can design help them be more comfortable around applications in particular. This is followed by a discussion of examples from our experience in the NLP unit in developing demos and apps to be used by different types of users, and how we could make easy-to-use yet appropriate designs for each of the use-cases.I will finish by talking about how to find resources for a perfect demo design.

Speaker Name: 
Housam Ziad
Speaker Bio: 
Housam Ziad is a Research Assistant at Insight Centre for Data Analytics @ NUI Galway, working in the Unit for Natural Language Processing (UNLP) under supervision of Dr. Paul Buitelaar, working mainly on data and knowledge visualisation in the context of several projects, designing and developing user interfaces for knowledge presentation, exploration and discovery. With more than 17 years of experience in the field of design and user experience.
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Seminar Date: 
Friday, 11 December, 2015 (All day)
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Conference Room
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