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Use of a consumer market activity monitoring and feedback device improves exercise capacity and activity levels in COPD


Brian Caulfield, Indira Kaljo, Seamus Donnelly

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Refereed Conference Meeting Proceeding
COPD is associated with a gradual decline in physical activity, which itself contributes to a worsening of the underlying condition. Strategies that improve physical activity levels are critical to halt this cycle. Wearable sensor based activity monitoring and persuasive feedback might offer a potential solution. However it is not clear just how much intervention might be needed in this regard – i.e. whether programmes need to be tailored specifically for the target clinical population or whether more simple activity monitoring and feedback solutions, such as that offered in consumer market devices, might be sufficient. This research was carried out to investigate the impact of 4 weeks of using an off the shelf consumer market activity monitoring and feedback application on measures of physical activity, exercise capacity, and health related quality of life in a population of 10 Stage I and II COPD patients. Results demonstrate a significant and positive effect on exercise capacity (measured using a 6-minute walk test) and activity levels (measured in terms of average number of steps per hour) yet no impact on health related quality of life (St Georges Respiratory Disease Questionnaire).
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36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE
Engineering in Medicine and Bilogy Society (EMBC)
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United States of America
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National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD)
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