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Prof Barry O'Sullivan teams up with Dr Mary Aiken to warn TDs on digital age of consent

Professor Barry O'Sullivan teamed up with cyber psychologist Mary Aiken yesterday to warn the members of the Government Committee for Children and Youth Affairs that Ireland's digital age of consent is too low. The General Data Protection Regulation states that the digital age of consent should be set by individual member states but it gives a range of 13 years to 16 years. Ireland has agreed to set the age at 13. Aiken and O'Sullivan believe this is a risky approach.

Prof O'Sullivan was on Morning Ireland yesterday discussing the issue. You can listen to the clip here. Yesterday's events have also been widely covered by Irish media including the Irish Daily Mail, the Irish IndependentThe Irish Times, the Examiner and RTE news.

You can read Prof O'Sullivan and Dr Aiken's opening statement to the Oireachtas committee here.