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Insight partners with Orreco for inaugural Orreco Science Summit

Insight is partnering with Irish sports performance company Orreco for the inaugural Orreco Science Summit in Galway today. The summit will aim to answer questions like whether a human will ever manage to run 10 kilometres in less than 24 minutes? Think about it, the sub-four minute mile was a massive feat when it was first achieved. If an athlete manages 10 kilometres in under 24 minutes, she or he will have run six sub four minute miles in a row. 

The summit will bring together the world’s top experts in elite sports performance, sports medicine, nutrition and data science, and the day will feature talks, conversation and cutting-edge research from world-class athletes and coaches as well as round tables hosted by former Ireland rugby captain and British and Irish Lion Keith Wood.

Orreco and Insight collaborate on advanced data science research on the harvesting, analysis and advice generation of human performance data. Bringing together blood biomarker, training load, nutritional, sleep and wellness data while incorporating unstructured data and repositories of knowledge in sports science, Orreco and Insight are developing technologies that will change how elite athletes live, train, perform and recover.

You can read more about the summit in the Irish Independent here, and Irish Tech News here