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Game Developers from across Ireland for GameCraft at Insight Galway

Galway GameCraft will take place in Galway on Saturday May 10that the Insight Centre for Data Analytics in NUI Galway. The event is an opportunity for game-makers to meet, share ideas, have fun, compete for prizes and in the process continue to build an all-Ireland gaming community.

At GameCraft Galway, teams (or brave individuals) will be presented with a theme early in the morning (circa 9am). They will then have until 7pm to make a game from scratch on any platform of their choice. 

Thereafter, all the games created will be played by the attendees, demoed, adjudicated on by a panel of judges and prizes awarded for the best contenders.

The first GameCraft in Ireland took place in February 2012 at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) with over 120 participants producing more than 35 games. Since then game events have being held in Thurles and in Belfast. Now it is Galway’s turn!

Registration is at

Galway representative is Alanna Kelly, a researcher at Insight Galway. Information and further details for the event though can be obtained by emailing Vicky Twomey-Lee from Global GameCraft at


Event location: 
Insight Centre for Data Analtyics @ NUI Galway
Saturday, 10 May, 2014