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Focus on Schools

SMART FUTURES - Career Talks in Schools
Under the national Smart Futures government strategy organised by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), young volunteers from Insight are available to visit post-primary schools and talk to students, guidance counsellors and parents about the opportunities available to young people in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM).

For it is these subjects and resultant qualifications which are necessary for so many of the jobs that are being created in the new developing and hopefully sustainable Knowledge-based Irish economy and society that we are witnessing.

To read lots of profiles on different careers in STEM and find out how to request a free careers talk, visit




Institute Tours
Visits by school groups to the Insight centres are facilitated at certain times of the year particularly during national and local science festivals. The young visitors are introduced via talks, presentations and demonstrations to the latest work being undertaken at Europe's largest research centre for Data Analytics.

Oftentimes visits to Insight can be undertaken as part of a wider campus tour that would involve visits to other science establishments.





Digital Creators: 'Coding in Schools' Initiative
Coding is the new literacy of the 21st century. It is becoming as important for Irish children to learn how to programme as it has been to read and to write. It is the foundation stone on which the modern technology age is being built.

Today many young Irish people have a strong interest in moving from just being Digital Users to becoming Digital Creators.

In order to fulfill this growing and welcome demand, Insight has been at the forefront in establishing a cross sectoral partnership involving third level colleges, teacher education centres and industrial corporations which has delivered computer coding courses to over 60 primary and post primary schools across Ireland.




Apps4Gaps: Creating Apps to benefit Society
In association with the Central Statistics Office(CSO), Insight organise an all-Ireland competition known as Apps4Gaps.

The challenge is aimed at encouraging young people to develop ideas and create applications that will provide innovative and fresh ways of exploiting the Open Data freely available from the Census 2011 that could benefit society in such areas as:


Combating Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying and other Internet Safety issues can have a negative impact on personal health particularly amongst teenagers and pre-teens.


Insight provides talks and workshops designed to increase awareness and empower students, parents, teachers and youth groups on what has become a major problem in the digital era.

The institute often works closely with An Garda Siochána and youth support agencies in delivering such services.





BEO: A Digital Window into Times Past
BEO (Irish = Alive)  has the potential to become the largest schools-based Irish heritage project since the 1937 Folklore Commission.


Through hosting evening social events for residents of the local district, schools and active retirement groups are collecting and later digitising films, images and recordings from their localities in times past that offer a unique insight into an older Ireland of communal harvesting, livestock markets, religious devotion, a belief in banshees and fairies, turf cutting, dance halls, the ‘Big House’ and the small family farm.


The project represents a successful collaboration with many different partners including the Heritage Council of Ireland, the GAA, Galway County Council and the Galway Education Centre. BEO's photograph gallery website alone has received over one million hits.