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Connected Health

Themes Associated with Connected Health:

The objective of Connected Health is to move health care from the hospital and clinic into the day-to-day lives of patients using mobile technology, computers, networked devices and remote monitoring tools. Connected health will maximize healthcare resources and provide increased, flexible opportunities for consumers to engage with clinicians and better self- manage their care.It uses readily available consumer technologies based around smartphone apps and Internet services, and are largely designed to address some of the administrative burden that epitomises the modern healthcare system. However, going foreward, connected health promises much greater healthcare disruption programs in telehealth, remote care (including home care) and disease and lifestyle management. It will leverage existing technologies, like smartphones, tablets and cellular networks, in combination with a new generation of sensors and sensor-based feedback, and the ability to analyse real-time personal health data, to change how individuals manage their own personal health, while allowing clinicians a greater opportunity to diagnose, treat, and manage an individual’s healthcare needs. In the US alone the value of the connected health opportunity is estimated to be $300bn per annum according to a recent McKinsey report.
This application area provides for an excellent sectoral fit with respect to Irish industry. Ireland already boasts the leading cluster of MedTech industries (including life sciences, medical devices, etc.) employing the highest per capita of Medical Technology personnel in Europe. Eight of the top twenty global companies in this area have a manufacturing base in Ireland and more than 40 years experience has resulted in a dynamic, globally recognised centre of excellence to serve as a proven catalyst for innovation. Moreover, the Insight Centre brings together key expertise and experience from its founding research partners, including TRIL, DERI and CLARITY, each with a proven track record in connected health innovation and collaboration, thereby providing an excellent platform for future research and development.