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Is AI smarter than an octopus? We're about to find out!

Is Artificial Intelligence smarter (AI) than an Octopus? Just because the Boys in green will not be in Russia for this summer's FIFA World Cup doesn’t mean the Irish population can not have a bit of fun!! At the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Paul the Octopus predicted 12 out of 14 match results correctly but can AI do better in 2018? RInsight researchers are teaming up with the UCC student’s chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to organize an event to help build your own AI enabled system – a predictor for this year’s FIFA world cup. The event will take place on the 24th of May at 18:00pm in room G05 at the Western Gateway Building, UCC. The event will start with 2 speakers presenting different approaches to building a predictor. This will be followed by a 3 week competition period where we encourage participants to build their own predictor using whatever dataset and method they want. At the end of challenge period, participants will submit their predictor code and predictions for every match including knockout stages on or before Jun 14th 2018. A scoring system has been designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the predictors and the winners will announced after the world cup finals. Good luck everyone!