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2018 Mary Mulvihill Award - Runner's Up

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Mary Mulvihill Association
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Mary Mulvihill was a pioneering, outstanding exponent of science writing and broadcasting. She wrote and broadcast for a wide variety of media, on a vast range of science- and technology-related topics. Her work was marked by an insatiable curiosity about the natural world and the role of science in understanding it, and by a boundless imagination in telling stories about scientific explorations, both now and in the past. The Mary Mulvihill Award was established by the family and friends of the late Mary Mulvihill (1959–2015) to honour her memory and her work in science journalism, science communication and heritage and to promote her legacy. It administers and awards funds to support work that commemorates her work and its significance. Siobhán Grayson and Abeba Birhane received a runners-up award for their joint entry to the 2018 Mary Mulvihill Award. Their collaborative essay was entitled 'Science: Whose Algorithms, Whose Data' which can be found here. The awards were also covered in the Irish Times
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National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD)