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A Low-Cost Smart Sensor Network for Catchment Monitoring


Dian Zhang, Brendan Heery, Maria O’Neil, Suzanne Little, Noel O’Connor, Fiona Regan

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Refereed Original Article
Understanding hydrological processes in large, open areas, such as catchments, and further modelling these processes are still open research questions. The system proposed in this work provides an automatic end-to-end pipeline from data collection to information extraction that can potentially assist hydrologists to better understand the hydrological processes using a data-driven approach. In this work, the performance of a low-cost off-the-shelf self contained sensor unit, which was originally designed and used to monitor liquid levels, such as AdBlue, fuel, lubricants etc., in a sealed tank environment, is first examined. This process validates that the sensor does provide accurate water level information for open water level monitoring tasks. Utilising the dataset collected from eight sensor units, an end-to-end pipeline of automating the data collection, data processing and information extraction processes is proposed. Within the pipeline, a data-driven anomaly detection method that automatically extracts rapid changes in measurement trends at a catchment scale. The lag-time of the test site (Dodder catchment Dublin, Ireland) is also analyzed. Subsequently, the water level response in the catchment due to storm events during the 27 month deployment period is illustrated. To support reproducible and collaborative research, the collected dataset and the source code of this work will be publicly available for research purposes.
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Friday, 10 May, 2019
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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