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Connected Health in Europe: Where are we today?


Nicola Mountford, Threase Kessie, M Quinlan, R Maher, R Smolders, P Van Royen, I Todorovic, H Belani, H Horak, I Ljubi, J Stage, D Lamas, I Shmorgun, Nicola Mountford, Threase Kessie , M Quinlan, R Maher, R Smolders, P Van Royen, I Todorovic, H Belani, H Horak, I Ljubi, J Stage, D Lamas, I Shmorgun, Perälä-Heape M, Isomursu M , Managematin V, Trajkovik V, Madevska-Bogdanova A, Brian Caulfield

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This report, which has grown out of an ENJECT survey of 19 European countries, examines the situation of Connected Health in Europe today. It focuses on creating a clear understanding of the current and developing presence of Connected Health throughout European healthcare systems under five headings: The Policy Environment, Education, Business and Health Models, Interoperability, and The Person. The European Network forthe Joint Evaluation of Connected Health Technologies (ENJECT) is a COST action that brings together an international consortium, including business and revenue modellers, clinicians, technologists, engineers, economists, ethnographers, and health researchers to help society to answer one question – how to connect therapies, patients, and care-givers to deliver optimum health results in an era of stretched resources and increasing demands. ENJECT aims to improve our understanding of Europe’s varied health systems, markets, and demographics through access to commercial players, datasets, market knowledge, and policy makers across the continent. It is seeding cross-border, interdisciplinary teams and partnerships leading to new collaborations, improved training and professional development opportunities, knowledge and staff exchange, and a European communication platform for Connected Health research. ENJECT includes collaborations with higher education institutions (HEIs) and organisations based internationally in Belgium, Bosnia & Herzogvina, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the UK. This paper presents the results of an ENJECT survey that was completed in 19 European countries covering such topics as technical integration, eHealth strategic planning, patient engagement in research, and the patient journey.
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National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD)
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