“The past is unpredictable.” Ep10 of The Insight Podcast out now

Submitted on Wednesday, 10/02/2021

After a little break to catch our breath last week, The Insight Podcast is back with a bang!

Episode 10! No wonder we’re feeling it. A great few chats in store this week.

Professor Andrew Parnell talks to us about his Covid 19 research. In that segment, we talk a lot about the Hamilton Institute’s Covid Data Dive and some apps, all of which are available here.

Insight@DCU PhD candidate Sarah Dillon speaks to us about the RISK study for recreational runners.

Finally, in the latest of our research challenge segments, we speak to Professor Mathieu D’Aquin and Dr Mark Roantree who are leading the Data Engineering and Government challenge.

You can catch up on what you’ve missed on our podcast website here.

Thanks for all the support. If you haven’t tuned in yet, give it a try. It’s 30 minutes of great chats every week.