The Linked Data Research Programme: Enabling, Creating and Using Networked Knowledge.

The Linked Data Research Programme in Insight (SemanticWeb@lnsight) aims to investigate the transition from raw data into large scale networks of semantic data and then into an interconnected Network of Knowledge, which assists people, organisations and systems with problem solving and enabling innovation and increased productivity, and aims to be as usable as knowledge is in the human brain.

The programme encompasses research

  • to understand the Web and Data on the Web, how it is used, and create Web Standards and prototypes to evolve it into a fundamental knowledge and service platform.
  •  to research solutions for the scalable representation, discovery, processing, querying, cleaning, integration, reasoning, analytics and use of Linked Data and heterogeneous Web Data as part of this Network of Knowledge.
  • to study how this semantic data increase the level of automation, e.g. with machine-to-machine communication, the Future Internet or the Internet of Things.
  • to investigate how semantic data changes society, economy, and science (e.g. in application areas such as Open Data, eGovernment, the Life Sciences, Digital Humanities, and others) and to bring it to practical applications.

Web: https://www.insight-centre.orginuig