Personal Sensing

Recent years have provided us with unprecedented access to a wide range of inexpensive sensing, aggregation and communication technologies that can transform society through provision of access to data relating to human behaviour and performance in health and sport.  However, this ever-advancing sensor web needs to be carefully matched to relevant data analytics and domain expertise to unlock the inherent value in the complex datasets that it produces.

This research strand brings together expertise from life and clinical sciences, material science, computer science, and biomedical engineering to enhance the application of the sensor web to challenges in connected health and sport.  Whether dealing with chronic disease or performance enhancement in elite sport, a connected ecosystem is dependent on an efficient and unobtrusive approach to sensing, sharing and analyzing data to facilitate timely delivery of accurate information to all stakeholders in the process.

In this strand we address fundamental research activities related to optimizing the sensing, measurement and understanding of human behaviour and performance, and the implementation of feedback strategies that are designed to enhance it.  A further aim is to contribute to the expansion of sensing capabilities of the sensor web through development and validation of novel sensing technologies.