Suman Shil Research Assistant

Suman Shil

Research Assistant

Through this data analysis study, we hope to learn important things about the physiological and biomechanical elements of fatigue and how it affects jogging on a treadmill. 320 people participated in treadmill sessions, and we collected data from them using a particular procedure that included warm-up, gradual speed increases, and fatigue assessment. Heart rate (HR) and ratings of perceived effort (RPE) were continually recorded during the trial, giving vital information regarding the individuals’ levels of weariness. Additionally, data from internal sensors on the back, thighs, tibia, and both feet were gathered, enabling us to examine the running technique of different body parts. These body segments’ orientation was estimated using triaxial accelerometers and gyroscopes, and their motion was tracked over time using Vicon motion analysis. This initiative is driven by several important questions: When people get to the brink of tiredness, can we see a noticeable shift in their running form and RPE? Is it possible to forecast when fatigue will set in using information from inertial sensors, and if so, how far ahead of time? Is there a relationship between an individual’s running biomechanics and the recovery patterns they display after fatigue? We also want to investigate the potential effects of foot strike patterns on fatigue and injury risk on various kinds of treadmills. This research will provide light on how tiredness, running biomechanics, and injury interact and will help optimize treadmill use and training.

I lead a busy, well-balanced life away from job and school. Engaging in physical and mental pursuits gives me comfort. I enjoy exploring the world and being in shape, so you can usually find me going on a run or a bike ride. I’m passionate about music, and I enjoy losing myself in its melodies to discover inspiration and unwind through a variety of genres. I make a point of learning new things and developing new interests in my own time. I keep my curiosity alive and stay at the forefront of my chosen subject by constantly searching for interesting topics relating to my field of study.