Sigrid Dupan Research Fellow

Sigrid Dupan

Research Fellow

RC4 Multimodal Data Analysis

I am Sigrid Dupan, a researcher from Belgium. I completed my PhD at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour in the Netherlands, focusing on the neural correlates of fine hand movements and how we can use that information to control prosthetics. My main research focus is on real-time control of prosthetic limbs, using techniques such as electromyography, electrotactile stimulation, and signal processing. I have worked as a postdoc at Newcastle University and the University of Edinburgh, where I studied how we can integrate motor learning knowledge into prosthetic control. Last year, I joined UCD with a SFI-IRC Pathway Fellowship to investigate different uses of sensory feedback for upper limb prosthetics. I’m excited to join the Insight team, and look forward to many collaborations.